Why Thursday Night Gamers?

Posted in General by JeffB - February 06, 2024

Greetings fellow gamers! It has been a long time since I your humble host have written any sort of gaming blog.

You see I use to write a blog call the The Bone Scroll and I use to run the RPG Circus podcast. Both of which had run their course and have been defunct for several years. So why you may ask am I starting up a blog again?

For the last three years, my wife and I have been RVing around full time. We had no home base instead we traveled around the southern part of the United States. During that time I no longer gamed. RVing fulltime takes a lot of effort and time. When you combine that with working fulltime, there is no time to game in capacity. Now of course we once again have a house to live in. While there is still much work to be done, we are finally at a point where we can once again do things. One to things I want to do again is game. So I thought one of the things I could with that is talk about why I like gaming, games I have enjoyed, and my path to gaming again.

So why the name of the blog, Thursday Night Gamer? I wanted the blog name to meant something to me. I could have tried to use the name of my previous Blog or Podcast. I thought about it deeply but neither name seemed right to me. Besides I had given up both domains a long time ago and while I could regain the domain I use for The Bone Scroll, I just did not want to deal with the fact that some else had it for a while. After all who knows what spam or traffic I might get. So a new name was in order. Brainstorming ideas, I thought of bunch of different names. The one that really spoke to me was this one, Thursday Night Gamer. You see many years ago a had a gaming group. We were made up of a variety of people but core group was centered around a single friend of mine and a bunch of other people he knew from academia. We did a lot of different games from Traveller to Call of Cthulhu RPGs and various board games when not enough people were available. You see we were all very busy people, which made it hard to find a day that many of us could even play. I am no sure how it happened but it seems like Thursday night was the time that made the most sense for us. I know no one wanted to play on Fridays or the Weekend but I can not say why any other day of the week was out except Thursday. So it became known as the Thursday Night group. I spent many a Thursday gaming, so it sort of made sense to me to select Thursday Night Gamer as the perfect title for my new blog. I hope you all agree.

In the coming days and weeks, I hope to produce article that all of you will enjoy in some way. If there is anything you ever want me to talk about, please feel free to let me know.

The Thursday Night Gamer