Time to Start Thinking about Gaming again

Posted in General by JeffB - February 09, 2024

This will be quick, but I wanted to muse about the fact that I want to start gaming again. You see for the past three years, my wife and I have been RVing full time. One thing no one ever really says is how much time is eaten up dong that full time while working remote full time. Much like normal life, there is always something to do when I got off work and then on the weekends, forget it. We had to do laundry, go food shopping, dump the waste tanks, get water, and generally get stuff done that we could not do during the week. So I did not really get any gaming in.

Now that we stopped RVing full time, and now that we have the house more put together, I think I am finally ready to start gaming again.

Of course what are my options for gaming? They are of course pretty much the same as anyone else:

  1. Find an in person group to play with
  2. Find a Virtual Table Top game to join
  3. Start a Virtual Table Top game for other to join

I would say generally speaking either the of the virtual table top options is going to be my best option. It sounds funny but I do not even know about how to find an in person group. Hell for that matter, I am not even sure if there is a local game store here (I would think that there is something). Besides even before I started the Full Time RV life, I was pretty much down to doing Virtual Table Top games.

You see Virtual Table Top games are just at this stage in my life easier to arrange. There is no travel time for me to another person's place nor do other people need to travel to my place. Which means it easy to just game for a few hours and not have it impact other things I want to do so much. I will miss the social interaction that can only come from a face to face game but sometimes one has to make certain concessions.

It does make me wonder about you my readers. How often do you game? Are those games on a virtual table top or are they in person sessions? (or maybe a bit of each). If you do in person gaming, have you ever had to look for a new group recently and if so how did you find them? (almost anytime I had to find a new group for in person play, I know I have had to go the local game store and look at postings.). Finally do you guys have a preference for in person games or virtual table top games?

Since I will be doing a virtual table top, I plan on taking a new look at my options. If there is any option you think I should look at please let me know.